Maggie, & Gracie

Dear Karina, Thank you so much. You did a wonderful job! We all thank you!

Bucky, Nitro, Taum, Rascal, Angel, Molly, Tinkerbell, and Minnie

I am so happy that you can care for the cats. Don’t let them pull your strings, like when they lay at your feet pretending they are starving. I know they are in good hands. They like you and I really like you.


Hobbes was happy to hear that you’re coming to visit him! Thanks.

Fred, Barney, & Izzy

Karina, We cannot thank you enough for taking care of Fred, Barney, and Izzy. They truly appreciated it along with their new toys you brought along. What would we do without you. A precious sitter and more gifted friend. Please come visit any time. Much love,


Thank you again for coming in and visiting Hunter and taking her for walks and feeding her. She apparently loved it and loves you. We very much appreciated it and will definitely be utilizing your services again.