Mia & Mali

We hate to leave our “girls” behind when we travel, but we know they are in good hands with Karina. She comes to our house every day to feed and play with Mali and Mia. We and the “girls” are very fortunate to have met Karina.

"It's so comforting knowing you are there to check-up on our else. It gives me peace of mind."

Jersey Girl & Rosalita

Karina rocks!!!!

Annie & Rocky

“When the suitcases come out Annie and Rocky start their front door vigil, awaiting Karina 's arrival knowing they will receive her undivided attention, tummy rubs, head scratches, and tender loving care while we’re away. We couldn’t be happier leaving them in such loving hands and never worry about how they’re doing.”

Bonnie Perringer


Hobbes was happy to hear that you’re coming to visit him! Thanks.