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I apologize for the eight-month lapse between blogs, but I’ve been one busy kitty! And given that we felines love to nap 18-20 hours a day there isn’t much time left for eating, playing, stalking, and keeping our feline fans and their humans abreast of cat-worthy news.

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Welcome to my blog! I am the voice of all things feline and thought we could start off with how to endure the many nuisances of summer: fleas, flies, spiders, mosquitos, dehydration, heat exhaustion, pygmy rattlesnakes, and thunderstorms.

I didn’t include geckos on the list because chasing them is the only form of exercise available to us house-bound kitties. In addition to the nuisance factors listed above there are the very dangerous outdoor threats posed by half-a-dozen or so opportunistic predators. Who are these predators? I’m so happy you asked!

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