Bird Watching

Exotic birds and parrots can also benefit from our pet sitting services.

Exotic birds…we love to listen

They love to talk and we love to listen! They tell us how gorgeous they are - "pretty bird," and how polished their powers of observation, are saying things like "hello" or "hi" when we arrive and "bye" or "don't go" when we start packing up to leave. Every now and then we encounter a strong and silent bird!

Birds of all types like to make a mess.....

Birds like to make a terrible mess of their cages, or more accurately around their cages. To get attention they'll toss food everywhere and watch with satisfaction as we sweep the area clean, change papers, and freshen up their food and water dishes.

One of our favorite.....

One of our favorite tasks is to hand your pretty bird a peanut then watch as he or she chisels through the shell to grab the prize! It's a captivating moment for those of us sitting on the sidelines.

For the trust worthy.....

For the trust worthy bird we encourage out-of-cage experiences. As does any creature with a brain, birds enjoy expanding their horizon from the safety of our shoulder.