Concierge Services

Island Pet Sitters can fill-in wherever and whenever needed. For example, we offer taxi service to vets, doggy daycare, and groomers

  • Kennel drop-off & pick-up
  • Field trips to the dog park
  • Grocery shopping so that when you come home from vacation the essentials are in stock
  • Behavioral consulting
  • Vacation home watch
Grocery shopping

Been away for 5-10 days, or less or more? Let us re-stock the fridge with fresh milk, orange juice, eggs, bacon or any other items you'd like to have waiting for you when you return to paradise!

Vacation home watch

If you are a seasonal resident of the area it's imperative that you have a set of eyes and ears on site to safeguard against intruders, water damage from plumbing leaks, and mold and mildew blooms caused by a non-functioning air conditioning system. Water damage and unmitigated humidity are the leading causes of escalating damage to unattended homes.

Field trips to the dog park

Depending on the size and breed of your dog, they all require exercise to maintain healthy bodies; just like you and me. They also need to build confidence around people and other dogs, a process known as "socialization." There's no better place on the planet to do this than at your neighborhood dog park.

Trips to the vet

Are you swamped with work but worried you have a sick dog or cat on your hands? We'd be happy to take Rover or Morris to the vet for you and call you with a detailed report on the diagnosis and treatment plan. We do this automatically when your dog or cat is in our care.