I’m one cool dude!

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To all of you pet lovers out there WELCOME to my blog! My name is Armani and, if I must say so myself, I’m one cool dude! Just check out those sunglasses!

I’m a four-year-old labradoodle who lives on Marco Island with my awesome family; the cats in the household, however, dislike me because they think I have too much energy! In an effort to rein in all that energy my mom and dad take me to Marco’s dog park every single day and let me play my heart out while they socialize. If you’ve ever watched one of those movies in which all of the nannies are bunched up in a tight group in Central Park telling war stories about their charges, then you know how we rock and roll at the dog park. If you see me over there please stop me for a second to say “hi” and introduce me to your folks so I can introduce them to my folks!

Talk soon!

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