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Welcome to my blog! I am the voice of all things feline and thought we could start off with how to endure the many nuisances of summer: fleas, flies, spiders, mosquitos, dehydration, heat exhaustion, pygmy rattlesnakes, and thunderstorms.

I didn’t include geckos on the list because chasing them is the only form of exercise available to us house-bound kitties. In addition to the nuisance factors listed above there are the very dangerous outdoor threats posed by half-a-dozen or so opportunistic predators. Who are these predators? I’m so happy you asked!

Cats and small dogs are fair game to hawks, bald eagles, coyotes, panthers, bobcats, bears, alligators, and those awful burmese pythons coming out of the everglades. And I’m not kidding! Island Pet Sitters has been in business for 13 years and our pet sitters have heard dozens and dozens of eyewitness reports chronicling fatal pet encounters. I won’’t relate any of those reports here because they are very sad yet completely avoidable.

The solution to dodging danger is to stay indoors 24/7. I know this sounds terribly extreme, especially since we felines think we are invincible because of our intelligence and cleverness, not to mention our savvy hunting skills. But trust me, hissing and growling won’t save you from a wily coyote.

Obviously not every inch of Naples and Marco Island are under siege by predators. But if you live on or near a golf course, or in vegetation-rich communities like Hideaway on Marco Island and Fiddler’s Creek in east Naples your humans need take heed and keep you indoors.

You can still enjoy the great outdoors by simply and safely lazing about the lanai, basking in the sun, and sipping a cold beverage from the pool (just make sure it’s not a salt water pool)! There are geckos to chase and bat around with your paws until they die of fright; in multi-cat households there is the added bonus of chasing your fellow felines around the pool, the cat version of “ring-around-the-rosie.” This is a great form of aerobic exercise, made even more so if you get pushed into the pool by the household bully sneaking up behind you.

Loves, nips, and purrs!

Lady “Vi”

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Violet is a "teenage mom" cat who was surrendered to a kill shelter in Lee County last spring along with her four, two-day old kittens. A guardian angel found her a place in a no-kill shelter and the rest is history!