Reilly & Darcy

It was so nice to meet you yesterday! I'm very happy to find someone so loving and dedicated to take care of Reilly & Darcy for me.


Checked with your references; everybody loves Karina!

Annie & Rocky

“When the suitcases come out Annie and Rocky start their front door vigil, awaiting Karina 's arrival knowing they will receive her undivided attention, tummy rubs, head scratches, and tender loving care while we’re away. We couldn’t be happier leaving them in such loving hands and never worry about how they’re doing.”

Bonnie Perringer


Thank you so much for taking such good care of the kids - it made my life so much easier - one less thing to worry about.


Thank you again for coming in and visiting Hunter and taking her for walks and feeding her. She apparently loved it and loves you. We very much appreciated it and will definitely be utilizing your services again.